The Forty-Fitters
by Bee Pedersen


Natalie P. Huff

I read it on the plane back and forth from DC last week. I found myself laughing out loud so much the guy in the next seat was staring at me. I could totally relate to some of the scenarios, I just can't wait for the day I can afford to give up the rat race for the gym:) I have told my friends that this is a must read book.

Steve Statler

As  man reading this book I enjoyed the opportunity to understand what it is that goes through the minds of women. At first it felt voyeuristic, but in the end I felt like I'd joined the club. 

The women we get to know are regulars at their local health club. This is a setting that really works. Like many American's I am an irregular visitor to my local gym. It's a place that brings together a wide range of interesting people, both fit and fat. In reality we see our fellow club members all the time, but often don't get to know them. The Forty Fitters is a passport to being part of the "in crowd", a group of women dealing with life in the way we all do, mixing the trivial, with the personal, with the profoundly philosophical.

Bee Pedersen is intimate and funny in the way she deals with many of the themes that occupy our minds, from [interpersonal relations], self-image, friendship, to getting on with the neighbors.

I emerged from reading this with the same feelings that you get after a really good conversation with some close friends: energized, stimulated with a feeling of fellowship ... even though I wasn't supposed to be there.